Living Well

At Southwire, we nurture the culture of a “Southwire family” and we work to enhance the lives of our employees by building a workplace that is diverse, supportive and engaging. Safety and health are top priorities, and we will always treat each other with dignity and respect.

Understanding that strong and enduring companies are the result of strong supported individuals, we are committed to helping each employee thrive. At Southwire, thriving begins with workplace safety, and extends beyond the physical.

To support the all-around well-being of our employees, we provide year-round opportunities and resources that help them thrive personally and professionally. Resources and opportunities include valuable safety training, professional experience, health benefits, career planning, fair and equitable pay, community engagement and life and future planning.

OSHA Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR) & Lost Work Day Rate (LWDR)—Permanent & Temporary Employees*†


*Number of incidents per 200,000 hours worked. TRIR includes all “OSHA Recordable Injuries”—first aid is not included, fatalities are included.
The lost workday rate (LWDR) is calculated as work days missed per 200,000 hours worked, beginning with the first day the employee was to work next.

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