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Southwire is known for scientific research, development and partnerships. Our rich history and rock-solid reputation are a launch pad for portfolio companies to build their own credibility while leaning on ours.

Startups partner with us for:

  • Connections to hundreds of clients, trade associations, contractors, utility companies and other partners
  • Access to Southwire’s distribution channels
  • R&D opportunities that can be jointly commercialized
  • Bilateral vendor-customer relationship with Southwire
  • Capital and value add from Southwire’s subject matter experts
Charles Hume
Managing Director   

Charles brings over 20 years of experience in engineering, startups, and business development. He began his career as a naval officer at the US Naval Nuclear Power School and has since held leadership roles at multiple companies including General Atomics, Illinois Tool Works and Technology Research Corporation, which was acquired by Southwire. Charles now oversees Southwire Technology Ventures and leverages his ample experience to guide startups in all areas of business.

Maegan Sherrill
Portfolio Development Manager

Maegan brings six years of experience in management consulting and human resources to her role at Southwire Technology Ventures. Known for her inquisitive nature and enthusiasm for tackling new challenges, she actively supports the success of portfolio companies through collaboration, networking, and a commitment to their growth.

Eliott Gardy
Venture Analyst

Eliott joined Southwire Technology Ventures as a new entrant to the corporate venturing and wire & cable industries but brought with him a voracious desire to learn with the fund. Eliott supports strategic deal sourcing efforts and due diligence, identifying and validating compelling opportunities for Southwire collaboration within the startup ecosystem.

Dalton Light
Venture Associate

Dalton focuses on thesis development, deal execution, and portfolio management. He joined Southwire with a background in corporate finance and venture capital from his time at Stanley Ventures and with prior venture capital experience at Seraph Group, Plug and Play Ventures, and Mighty Capital. Dalton holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from University of Richmond's Robin's School of Business.

For over 70 years Southwire has provided quality products and services as We Deliver Power® to millions worldwide. We’ve done it sustainably, inclusively and very successfully. Now we’re disrupting the industry we helped create.

Are we the right fit?

To further our strategic imperatives in sustainability, we’re creating a portfolio of ventures as determined as we are to achieve measurable results.

We look for partners that:

  • Are led by teams with deep industry expertise and passion for shaping the future of smart power
  • Are tackling a major market by solving a validated problem that is severe, frequent, and widespread
  • Have proven commercial traction from a defensible, revenue-generating solution
  • Show potential for strategic collaborations with Southwire
  • Align with Southwire’s values, particularly our sustainability tenet

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