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Product name Current Previous
Copper Building Wire - Commercial 10232020C 10142020C
Copper Building Wire - Residential 10232020R 10142020R
SIMpull® CoilPAK™ and WireBARREL™ 10232020K 10142020K
Electrical Bare Copper 10232020B 10142020B
Aluminum Building Wire - Commercial 57AC 56AC
Aluminum Building Wire - Residential 57AR 56AR
MC Cable - Circuit - Aluminum Armor AS39 AS38
MC Cable – Type MC-PCS, PVC Jkt & HCF MP39 MP38
MC Cable Intermediate - Copper Conductors IF39 IF38
MC Cable Feeder - Copper Conductors MC39 MC38
MC Cable - Circuit - Whips WH36 WH35
MC Cable - Circuit - Steel Armor SS39 SS38
MC Cable Feeder - Aluminum Conductors AF42 AF41
MC Cable - Circuit - Special Construction SP39 SP38
Flexible Conduit DF21 DF20
Bare Aluminum Conductor BA55 BA54
Covered Aluminum Conductor CA55 CA54
Utility Bare Copper and Transformer Riser Wire BC20 BC19
Reel Packaging Information RPI-1-28

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