Reel Tracking System

Protect your assets, expedite projects, and optimize inventory with Southwire's advanced Reel Tracking System

Southwire's reel tracking system safeguards against theft or loss, minimizes project delays by saving time in locating reels, provides real-time updates on progress and usage, prevents material shortages, reduces scrap, and ultimately delivers substantial cost savings for Utilities.

How It Works

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Reel Tracking Summary

  • Provides procurement, specifications, product, and reel information
  • Enables interactive reel querying and seamless execution of actions
  • Provides wire usage and age summaries

Pull Detail by Reel

  • Easy pull entry via mobile devices
  • Detailed record of pulls, including location, footage, user, and timestamp
  • Alerts for reel return or age thresholds
  • Automated reel pickup entry with weight estimates
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Map Locations Of Reel

  • Spatially displays all queried reel locations and movement
  • Drill down to detailed reel and wire information
  • Map and satellite views available on all devices

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Reel Tracking System Analytics

  • Comprehensive reel activity reporting from shipment to return
  • System-wide metrics, including average product age and real-time inventory
  • Email alerts for reels approaching expiration of their deferral period
Visit the SouthwireRTS site to create an account and start tracking!
Southwire RTS

To submit a reel pick up request or view packaging information, visit our reel return page. 

Reel Returns