Field Assessment Services

At Southwire, we understand that system reliability is a concern for power utilities. To help ensure underground transmission and distribution systems are operating at peak performance, we now offer Cable System Field Assessments as part of Southwire's 360° Capital Rehabilitation Program. We recommend a variety of diagnostic assessments to ensure the best decisions are made regarding the health of the electrical grid.

Commission Assessment

Confirms new circuits are installed defect free and ready for service

  • Partial Discharge (PD) monitoring to identify localized defects in system components
  • Sheath test to confirm integrity of jacket after installation
  • Withstand test with PD monitoring

Aged Cable Life Extension and Recommission Assessment

Performed on in-service cables to assess their condition and confirm aged and repaired circuits are ready to be returned to service

  • PD monitoring to identify localized defects in system components
  • VLF Tan Delta to determine cable insulation deterioration 
  • Withstand test with PD monitoring
  • Neutral corrosion assessment (TDR)