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A resilient and reliable power grid is essential to how we live, work, and play. At Southwire, we offer the innovation, expertise, and responsiveness bringing industry leading ideas and sustainable solutions to our customers.

System Hardening

Consistent power delivery requirements are higher than ever before, and Southwire is dedicated to providing products, services, and solutions aimed to improve system reliability and resiliency.

System Hardening

Product Innovations

Since 1950, Southwire’s research and development has brought new innovations for both transmission and distribution applications. From the grid of yesterday to the grid of tomorrow.

Product Innovation

Southwire In the News

Learn more about Southwire’s innovative products and solutions by checking out our latest article and podcast appearances.
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Techniques from High-Voltage Underground Cable System Installation Experts

The case for using high-voltage underground transmission cable systems continues to gain momentum. There are many benefits, including system safety and reliability; all with minimal impacts to the visual environment. Installing high-voltage underground transmission cable, however, can often pose unique engineering and installation challenges. A wrong decision during installation can pose significant safety risks, in addition to amplifying both project costs and future maintenance costs.

In this webinar we will discuss:
  • Best practices for installing high-voltage underground transmission cable
  • Lessons learned from unique situations faced by our expert field team
  • Options available for cable conductors, insulation, shielding, jackets, and accessories


Director - Southwire
Randy Denmon

Underground Transmission Cable Systems

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Underground Transmission Line Card


Utility Product Specs

Southwire's innovative product information.

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To help you work most efficiently, we've created a number of calculating tools to aid in your wire and cable installations.

Tools of the Trade

Southwire provides a number of tools and resources to help you with your transmission and distribution projects.

SAG10® Software

Southwire’s Sag10® Software is widely recognized as the industry standard for overhead conductor sag-tension calculations. To purchase your copy, click here.
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SWRate Pro

SWRate Pro software is electrical rating software that calculates resistance, reactance, and thermal ratings in accordance with current standards.
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WIR Files

Access Southwire's Certified WIR Files.
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Overhead Conductor Manual

We wrote the book on overhead conductors...literally. This 3rd edition reference book provides technical data and resources that transmission and distribution engineers use to design overhead lines.
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Proof Positive® Copper Tracking Site

Southwire's Proof Positive® Copper tracking site helps you keep track of your copper, even if it has been stolen.
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Installation Guides

Southwire has a variety of guides to help you with your utility cable installation.

ACSS & ACSS/TW Installation Guide

This guide provides recommendations on procedures and equipment used during ACSS and ACSS/TW installations.
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VR2® Conductor Installation Guide

This guide provides recommendations on procedures and equipment used during VR2 conductor installation.
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Bare Overhead Conductors Installation Guide

This guide provides recommendations on procedures and equipment used during bare overhead installations.
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ACSR and ACSR/TW Installation Guide

This guide provides recommendations on procedures and equipment used during ACSR and ACSR/TW installations.

SIMpull® Cable-In-Conduit Installation Guide

This guides provides recommendations on procedures and equipment used during cable-in-conduit installations.
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C7® Overhead Conductors Installation Guide

This guide provides recommendations for the installation and use of C Overhead Conductor.
C Overhead Conductor

C7® Tree Wire Installation Guide

This guide provides recommendations on procedures and equipment for the proper installation of C Tree Wire.
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Southwire CableTechSupport

Southwire’s CableTechSupport™ Services team, comprised of engineers with expertise in power, electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, polymer science, industrial, and nuclear engineering, has the depth of skill and the ability to respond with innovative solutions for your most complex and mission-critical wire and cable challenges. 

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High Voltage Installation Team

Southwire’s High Voltage Installation Team is a highly skilled and factory-certified team of installation technicians available to help you with cable pulling, splicing, terminating, sheath bonding, and grounding. We’re with you every step of the way with responsive service, unmatched engineering support, and onsite project management – a commitment that has resulted in zero cable failures with over seven-million feet of HV cable installed. 

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Storm Activation Team

The Southwire Storm Activation Team is a team that works tirelessly year-round with utilities and partners to track and anticipate the impact of extreme weather events. Knowing we are always a few weeks away from our next big challenge, Southwire has the scale and reach to help across the entire country before, during, and after major storm events.

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