Building Worth

Our success depends on our customers’ success. We build worth for our shareholders, customers and other stakeholders by achieving the highest quality and best service in our industry, and delivering it with a culture of excellence. At Southwire, we will lead our core markets with superior products, steady growth and a steady balance sheet that protects our investments.

Delivering success means responsibly evolving our company in a sustainable manner that provides unparalleled products and services. At Southwire, responsibly evolving also allows us to exceed stakeholder expectations and flourish as a company. 

Our innovations address specific customer needs, which vary by segment. Southwire’s organizational structure, which we reorganized in early 2019 to align with our five-year strategic plan, brings all Wire & Cable research, development, compound technology, metallurgy, lab services and advanced materials under one roof and common leadership, paving the way for the acceleration of our core, adjacent and transformational opportunities.

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