Southwire’s 12 for Life Program Celebrates 55 Seniors at Commencement for the Class of 2024

Six students awarded inaugural Southwire SkillPointe Scholarships of $10,000 each

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May 16, 2024

Southwire leaders and local school officials joined students’ families, friends and neighbors to celebrate 55 Carrollton-area graduates from the 12 for Life® program. Since the program's inception in 2007, more than 3,300 students in Georgia and Alabama have received diplomas with support from this public-private partnership that builds better lives through education, employment and opportunity. Six graduating seniors also received inaugural Southwire SkillPointe Scholarships during the ceremony, and 39 are being considered for full-time employment at Southwire. 

“Through a combination of traditional classroom instruction and holding jobs inside a modified Southwire manufacturing environment, students earn wages for their work and, most importantly, learn skills they will need after graduation,” said Scott Cowart, superintendent of Carroll County Schools.  “The most powerful part of this program is not the focus on academics or work skills. It is the intentional efforts to positively impact the lives of these students.”

12 for Life – a collaborative partnership between Southwire and local school systems in Carrollton, Ga., and Florence, Ala., – provides classroom instruction, on-the-job training, key work and life skills, mentoring and employment opportunities. Through the program, students are motivated to stay in school, graduate and move ahead to become successful, productive members of the communities in which they live. The goal for all students is to graduate from the program with a path to becoming employed, enrolled or enlisted.

“Since being part of 12 for Life, I've had a second chance, and a fresh start,” said Southwire SkillPointe Scholarship recipient and graduating senior Kamirra Anderson. “My grades have changed tremendously. I went from making failing grades to having A's and high B's. I have better relationships with my teachers. At 12 for Life, they have showed me that they care about my future and are always there if I need help.”

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New this year, Southwire partnered with SkillPointe Foundation to launch the Southwire SkillPointe Scholarship benefiting 12 for Life graduates. Southwire created 10 $10,000 scholarships – $100,000 in funding – for high school seniors participating in either the Carrollton or Florence programs. SkillPointe Foundation is a national nonprofit that develops and manages innovative scholarship driven solutions. To be eligible, students must be on track to graduate high school and have plans to enroll in a higher (secondary) education program, community college, technical school or vocational program within one year of graduating.

“12 for Life has not only influenced my future career path, but it has also shaped me into a more compassionate, understanding, and dedicated individual,” said Robert Anthony, a graduating senior and recipient of a Southwire SkillPointe Scholarship.  “It has taught me the importance of mentorship, patience, and perseverance. “

All 55 seniors honored have completed diploma requirements through the support of the Carrollton program. Former Atlanta Falcons running back Jerious Norwood delivered this year’s commencement address.

“You know what you have inside to get the job done, that’s why you have those hats on your heads and those gowns on,” said Norwood. “Carry your confidence in your mind, and it will show up in your actions every day. You are going to a higher level. This just the beginning for you.” 

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