Cable Rejuvenation Services


Clean, cost-effective, and capital efficient

Our innovative underground system reliability programs and services, utilizing the world's only cable rejuvenation technology, are performed by specially selected, trained, and equipped crews, emphasizing safety, efficiency, productivity, cost effectiveness, and clean, customer-friendly execution. Southwire's highly experienced service teams are dedicated to providing technical and operational support for the specialized needs of our clients.


Water Trees Grow. Insulation Weakens.

Soon after underground cables are installed, the wet environment causes water trees to grow. The growth of water trees reduces the dielectric strength of the insulation. The reduction of this dielectric strength can cause electrical/catastrophic failure of the cable.

Faced with this serious and growing problem in the 1980s, the prospect of addressing this problem on an industry-wide scale through cable replacement only would have been unsustainable, costing tens of billions of dollars and entailing a time frame that could not keep up with increasing failure rate.


Improve the chemistry of the insulation, and physics of the cable.

Cable injection introduces silicone fluid into power cable strands. The fluid migrates into the conductor shield & insulation. This process improves the chemistry of the insulation and the physics of the cable to extend the reliable life of the circuit.

Since the utility industry began implementation of cable injection programs in 1986, Southwire has rejuvenated over 150 million feet of aging UG cable, saving tens of billions of dollars, and helping utilities in across the U.S. and Canada boost the reliability of the UG power grid.


Average cost of rejuvenation is one-third or less the cost of replacement


FERC and RUS approved for efficient deployment of your capital


Saves destruction of customer's yards, average time to address segment <90 minutes


Requires very little of your time and your staff's attention - trained crew can work directly with dispatchers


Cable rejuvenation has helped utilities mitigate aprroximately 660K metric tons of CO2

Primary Cable Rejuvenation Process

Secondary Cable Rejuvenation Process