Advancing Clean Energy Projects for a Greener Future

Southwire offers an extensive catalog of cable products for renewable energy applications, made in the USA and tax-credit eligible, based on Build America / Buy America infrastructure bill and U.S. Treasury guidelines.  Engineered to industry standards for reliable power transmission, our solutions include solar cables designed for photovoltaic systems and wind turbine cables for wind energy installations.

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The highest quality cable, built for reliability and resilience

Southwire solar and wind power products use the highest quality conductor metals to be transformed into fully annealed pure copper conductors or stranded aluminum conductors with XLPE and TR-XLPE insulation.

Solar Power Products

Single Conductor Photovoltaic (Type PV) wire is available in copper and aluminum constructions. Our Al Super Sunlight Resistant (SSR) Type PV cables are leading the industry with features such as enhanced UV stability, color permanence, and aged physical properties, for the most reliable solutions for your PV wiring systems.

Wind Power Products

Multiple options are available, designed with superior insulation, built for wet and dry locations, rated for direct burial, and sunlight resistant for use in solar or wind applications.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Uniquely designed to provide flexible and durable power, the RenewaFLEX™ 2000 Volt power cables are ideal for the internal wiring of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), in wet and dry locations, conduits, ducts, troughs, and covered trays.

Field Assessment Services and Cable Rejuvenation

Southwire’s Cable Rejuvenation and Field Assessment Services can help ensure your solar and wind farms are operating effectively. Our field assessment involves testing cables to determine if they are operating properly. If a potential issue is found, our cable rejuvenation service may be able to help provide a less disruptive, more environmentally friendly, faster, and more cost-effective solution for restoring cables to like-new operating conditions when compared to cable replacement. 

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Southwire CableTechSupport Services

Southwire’s CableTechSupport™ Services team, comprised of engineers with expertise in power, electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, polymer science, industrial, and nuclear engineering, has the depth of skill and the ability to respond with innovative solutions for your most complex and mission-critical wire and cable challenges. 

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