We continue to build on our seven decades of rich history by looking to the future.

From humble beginnings

Our roots extend to 1937 when Roy Richards, a recent graduate of Georgia Tech, started a company to erect power poles. On March 23, 1950, Richards founded Southwire with three used machines and a workforce of 12 employees. Today, Southwire’s reputation for quality and service continues to grow, boasting more than 7,000 employees throughout the world.


Southwire Acquires Topaz Lighting

To further enhance Southwire’s ever growing product line of electrical solutions, Topaz Lighting Corporation (Topaz) was acquired on December 6, 2021. Topaz’s quality electrical fittings, components, and lighting products bolstered Southwire’s product offering.


Southwire acquires AEM

On November 16, 2020, Southwire acquired American Elite Molding (AEM). One of America’s leading manufacturers of nylon cable ties, AEM’s popular products such as the EZ-OFF™ ties, releasable ties, and HVAC duct straps were added to Southwire’s rapidly expanding product selection.


Southwire Acquires CEP

Known as an industry leader in the manufacturing of temporary power distribution and portable lighting, Construction Electrical Products (CEP) was acquired by Southwire in August 2020. After integrating CEP’s extensive product selection, Southwire now had the largest portfolio of temporary power and lighting products in the industry.


Southwire Acquires Madison Electric

A leader in high-quality electrical components and accessories, Madison Electric Products LLC was acquired for its diversified portfolio of standard and proprietary products used in residential, commercial and industrial electric system installations.


Southwire acquires Garvin

Garvin Industries, widely recognized for designing innovative, labor-saving products, that provide economical solutions to common installation problems joins Southwire.



ProBuilt brings high-quality, innovative lighting products for industrial and commercial applications to Southwire's offering.


Thorn Customer Solutions Center

Named for Southwire's past CEO Stu Thorn, this state-of-the-art training center showcases Southwire’s product portfolio and allows for education and hands-on training.


Southwire acquires DCN Cables

The acquisition of DCN Cables strengthened & expanded Southwire’s presence in the data center market.


Southwire acquires UCI

Through the addition of United Copper Industries (UCI), Southwire expanded capabilities in our core building wire products segment.


Rich Stinson joins Southwire

Rich Stinson was named President and CEO of Southwire, joining the company with more than 30 years of experience in the electrical industry.


Southwire acquires Sumner

Sumner Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of material lifts, jack stands, welding tools, material carts and other tools and equipment for the construction market, joins Southwire.


Southwire acquires Coleman Cable

Southwire acquired Coleman Cable, the largest acquisition in the company’s history. Through this blending of companies, Southwire added new people, facilities and products and extended its reach into existing markets.


Launched electrican's tools line

Southwire introduced its own line of hand tools, meters and testers.


Southwire acquires Tappan & AIW

Southwire acquired Tappan Wire & Cable Inc. and American Insulated Wire (AIW) broadening our product offering to service a number of new markets.


Proof Positive®

Proof Positive® Copper, with its unique ID code on the center strand, became Southwire’s solution to the growing trend of copper theft in the industry.


Southwire acquires Maxis

Southwire acquired Maxis LLC, a Phoenix, AZ based manufacturer of tools and equipment used in the installation and management of electrical wire and cable products.


SIMpull Solutions® products revolutionize the jobsite

Southwire introduced an entire line of products and services geared to make wire pulls easier for contractors. SIMpull Solutions® products debuted as the solution to some of the biggest job site issues in the wire and cable industry.


12 for Life® Formed

To create a unique solution to the ever-increasing high school dropout rate, Southwire partnered with the Carroll County School System to create 12 for Life.®


Southwire expands into Canada

Ever expanding the company’s growth, Southwire opened a branch of its corporate headquarters in Canada, known as Southwire Canada.


Project GIFT® Founded

Project GIFT® (Giving Inspiration for Tomorrow) began with 10 employee volunteers. Today, more than a thousand Blackshirt volunteers continue to support Southwire’s local communities through fundraising, beautification projects and other efforts.


Stu Thorn joins Southwire

Stu Thorn was named president of Southwire. A year later, Roy Richards, Jr. retired from daily operations and Thorn became CEO.


The Cofer Center Opens

The Cofer Center – named for iconic Southwire engineer Pete Cofer – opened as a catalyst for company research and development.


Roy Richards, Jr. named CEO

Roy Richards, Sr. passed away, and the leadership of Southwire was eventually passed on to his son, Roy Richards, Jr., who later became president and CEO.


Copper Man of the Year

Roy Richards, Sr. was named Copper Man of the Year by The Copper Club.


Corporate Building Constructed

Southwire completed construction of its five-story corporate building in Carrollton, Georgia.


First Copper Refinery

Southwire established its first copper refinery to produce copper rod through the SCR® system.


Hawesville, KY

Roy Richards, Sr. negotiated the largest industrial revenue bond in Wall Street history, $142 million, for the construction of an aluminum smelter known as NSA. Shortly following, Southwire opened the doors to its wire and cable operation at the Kentucky Plant in Hawesville, its largest manufacturing facility outside of the Carrollton area at that time.


First Building Wire Plant

The first building wire plant was constructed. Within 2 years, Southwire became the second leading producer of building wire in the entire United States.


SCR® System Invented

Southwire revolutionized the industry with the invention of the SCR® system, which allowed for continuous casting of copper and aluminum rod. Today, 50% of the world’s copper rod is processed through a Southwire Continuous Rod system.


Southwire Founded

Roy Richards, Sr. founded Southwire, a company that would revolutionize the industry. He started making wire with three used machines and 12 employees.

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