Charitable Giving

Improving the quality of life in the communities in which we work.

At Southwire, one of our most important missions is to give back to the communities where we live and work. Corporate philanthropy is not a separate function, operating isolated from other areas of the business. Rather, it’s a crucial part of how we do business. It directly impacts our relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, our friends and neighbors and other key stakeholders.

Southwire's corporate giving occurs in two separate ways - financial support through monetary contributions and the sharing of time and talent through volunteer efforts. Often, we combine the two and our efforts increase exponentially. In some cases, we join with other organizations in true partnerships that create much farther-reaching impacts than any single group could produce alone.

Eligible Organizations

  • Non-profit organizations that benefit areas where Southwire employees live and work.
  • Organizations that combine, where possible, the time and talent of Southwire employees with financial resources.
  • Organizations that create mutual benefits for Southwire and its employees, communities and customers
  • Organizations with values that align with the vision and values of Southwire Company and its shareholders: Growing Green, Living Well, Giving Back, Doing Right and Building Worth. Visit to learn more.
  • Organizations that fall within one of the following areas of focus:
    • Education (includes STEAM, workforce development, etc.)
    • Environmental (includes preservation, environmental studies, environmental stewardship education and initiatives, clean technologies and innovation, etc.)
    • Customer Support (includes customer and affiliate charitable initiatives)
    • Community (including, but not limited to economic development, youth programs, diversity and inclusivity initiatives, programs that serve underprivileged community members, arts and culture, etc.)

If your registered non-profit organization is interested in applying for a Southwire donation, please follow the instructions below to complete an application for consideration.

Apply for a Donation

Southwire uses YourCause, a donation management platform, to track and manage all requests for company charitable contributions. This platform provides an easy online application process for requesters, while allowing Southwire to organize and track the progress of all requests in real time.

First time applying through the YourCause platform? That’s okay! Getting started is easy. Click the “Create Account” button found in the “Request a Donation” box above and to the right. Here you will be asked to create a YourCause account to request donations on behalf of your organization. Once your organization account has been created and verified, return to this page and click “Apply Now” in the “Request a Donation” box above to complete your Southwire donation application.

Already have a YourCause account? Simply click “Apply Now” in the “Request a Donation” box above and to the right to get started with your Southwire donation application!

Once you click the application button, you will search for your organization using either the name of your organization (ex. YMCA of Metropolitan Atlanta) or your Employer ID Number.

Once you select your organization, you will be taken to the application.

*If you don’t find your organization in the search, click “Need help?” to the right of the search bar. From there, click “Can’t find your organization?” You will be given the option to add your organization to the YourCause System.