Healthcare Facilities


Innovating with Reliability in Mind

Southwire has many industry specific products and solutions for healthcare facilities.

The health and safety of people are the top focus in the US and around the world. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has pushed us as a society to rethink how we provide safe and reliable healthcare while driving to find new ways to expand our facilities and make them safe places to work for our essential healthcare workers.

Southwire is leading the charge in the Healthcare space by offering a broad scope of essential products and solutions, as well as new and innovative offerings to the industry. In a One Southwire approach, Southwire can provide products ranging from our MCAP® Metal Clad All Purpose Cable to VFD wire offerings that are geared around new innovations on a healthcare campus. Solutions such as the SIMpull ™ Reel, The Configurator Plus™ Web App, and the SIMpull ® Cable Pull Calculator reduce the amount of people on the site during installation to maximize labor while keeping workers safe. Finally, Southwire’s Tools, Components and Assembled Solutions like the Maxis® XD1 Extreme Duty Circuit Puller and our DCN products, help promote safety and efficiency for all healthcare facilities.

One Southwire. Together we can build the future of Healthcare.

Southwire Adds Value in Every Phase of the Job


Southwire has multiple calculation tools to help make your install easier.
SIM<span style='font-style: italic;font-weight:bold;'>pull</span> <sup>®</sup> Cable Pull Calculator

SIMpull ® Cable Pull Calculator

Helps to estimate and manage cable installation projects. Provides the ability to alter data that indicates tension or sidewall pressure.
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Configurator Plus™ Web App

Configurator Plus™ Web App

Optimizes jobsite installations with faster quotes and direct wire requests.
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Southwire SPEED Services

 Southwire SPEED™ Services offers a variety of solutions based on your urgent needs. Whether it is a made-to-order product that requires a reduced lead time or minimum order quantity, or a made-to-stock product that requires shipment today or specific delivery expectations, our concierge customer specialists will provide options to meet your needs all from one manufacturing source. 
Southwire SPEED™ Services is here to turn “No quote” into “No problem”. 

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Factory Power & Automation

Southwire is helping to automate the world, one cable at a time. The smart solution for your automation needs. From Power and VFD cables to control and communication cables, Southwire provides a variety of cables to fill your factory automation needs. Southwire can help with specifications, managed inventories, and support.

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