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Southwire’s Contractor Solutions Professionals Team is not a sales team – with over 250 years of job site experience, we’re a customer service partner. Think of us as an extension of your team. We are with you from start to finish to customize our solutions to fit your needs and positively impact safety and productivity on your job site. 

Got a tough wire pull? Our Contractor Solutions Professionals have years of experience in jobsite solutions and are here to help. A CSP will come to your jobsite to consult on layouts, pulling calculations, and the overall setup. The CSP will be fully dedicated to your jobsite needs and will also have equipment available to demo on the jobsite. For more information, contact

Configurator Plus™ Web App

Optimizes jobsite installations with faster quotes and direct wire requests.
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SIMpull ® Cable Pull Calculator

Determine both the 600 Volt and Medium Voltage calculations to estimate and manage cable installations.
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Mobile Apps

Turn your smartphone into the most valuable item on your toolbelt.

We took Conduit Bending to the Next Degree™

We don’t just help you bend conduit – we change the way you do it.
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Featured Videos

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Southwire SPEED Services

 Southwire SPEED™ Services offers a variety of solutions based on your urgent needs. Whether it is a made-to-order product that requires a reduced lead time or minimum order quantity, or a made-to-stock product that requires shipment today or specific delivery expectations, our concierge customer specialists will provide options to meet your needs all from one manufacturing source. 
Southwire SPEED™ Services is here to turn “No quote” into “No problem”. 

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Southwire CableTechSupport Services

Southwire’s CableTechSupport™ Services team, comprised of engineers with expertise in power, electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, polymer science, industrial, and nuclear engineering, has the depth of skill and the ability to respond with innovative solutions for your most complex and mission-critical wire and cable challenges. 

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Southwire Solutions University (SSU)

Based out of the Thorn Center, Southwire Solutions University (SSU) offers digital and hands-on product training for electrical contractors, distributors, and apprenticeships throughout North America. Students who attend classes hosted by SSU learn best practices for a safe and productive cable installation by using Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions® products and services. 

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