Southwire Services Offering

Southwire’s highly experienced service teams are dedicated to providing technical and operational support for the specialized needs of our clients. From solving complex engineering challenges to preparing for rapid response during storm events, we’ve assembled the best people and resources to help when it matters.

Southwire SPEED Services

 Southwire SPEED™ Services offers a variety of solutions based on your urgent needs. Whether it is a made-to-order product that requires a reduced lead time or minimum order quantity, or a made-to-stock product that requires shipment today or specific delivery expectations, our concierge customer specialists will provide options to meet your needs all from one manufacturing source. 
Southwire SPEED™ Services is here to turn “No quote” into “No problem”. 

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Southwire CableTechSupport Services

Southwire’s CableTechSupport™ Services team, comprised of engineers with expertise in power, electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical, polymer science, industrial, and nuclear engineering, has the depth of skill and the ability to respond with innovative solutions for your most complex and mission-critical wire and cable challenges. 

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Southwire Solutions University (SSU)

Based out of the Thorn Center, Southwire Solutions University (SSU) offers digital and hands-on product training for electrical contractors, distributors, and apprenticeships throughout North America. Students who attend classes hosted by SSU learn best practices for a safe and productive cable installation by using Southwire’s SIMpull Solutions® products and services. 

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Contractor Solutions Team

Southwire’s Contractor Solutions Team is not a sales team – with over 250 years of jobsite experience, we’re a customer service partner. Think of us as an extension of your team. We are with you from start to finish to customize our solutions to fit your needs and positively impact safety and productivity on your jobsite. 

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High Voltage Installation Team

Southwire’s High Voltage Installation Team is a highly skilled and factory-certified team of installation technicians available to help you with cable pulling, splicing, terminating, sheath bonding, and grounding. We’re with you every step of the way with responsive service, unmatched engineering support, and onsite project management – a commitment that has resulted in zero cable failures with over seven-million feet of HV cable installed. 

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Storm Activation Team

The Southwire Storm Activation Team is a team that works tirelessly year-round with utilities and partners to track and anticipate the impact of extreme weather events. Knowing we are always a few weeks away from our next big challenge, Southwire has the scale and reach to help across the entire country before, during, and after major storm events.

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Cable Rejuvenation Services

Our innovative underground system reliability programs and services, utilizing the world's only cable rejuvenation technology, are performed by specially selected, trained, and equipped crews, emphasizing safety, efficiency, productivity, cost-effectiveness, and clean, customer-friendly execution. Southwire's highly experienced service teams are dedicated to providing technical and operational support for the specialized needs of our clients.

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Field Assessment Services

At Southwire, we understand that system reliability is a concern for power utilities. To help ensure underground transmission and distribution systems are operating at peak performance, we now offer Cable System Field Assessments as part of Southwire's 360° Capital Rehabilitation Program. We recommend a variety of diagnostic assessments to ensure the best decisions are made regarding the health of the electrical grid.

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Digital Grid Resiliency Services

Southwire® is constantly exploring new approaches to provide customers with innovative solutions that cost effectively improve a utility's reliability and resiliency, resulting in lower costs and increased customer satisfaction. In support of this objective, Southwire® now offers Grid Resiliency Assessments that quickly identify areas for reliability improvements by leveraging your outage and GIS data.

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Reel Tracking Services

Protect your assets, expedite projects, and optimize inventory with Southwire's advanced Reel Tracking System. Our reel tracking system safeguards against theft or loss, minimizes project delays by saving time in locating reels, provides real-time updates on progress and usage, prevents material shortages, reduces scrap, and ultimately delivers substantial cost savings for Utilities.

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