Southwire's Customer Hub

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The Customer Hub offers an enhanced and intuitive self-serve site to view order details, find inventory information, and more. Explore our how-to documents and videos to learn more about each function and feature.


The new Southwire Customer Hub is here!

Loaded with new features and improvements, the Hub is going to provide you more visibility into order statuses and stock options. More functionality will be added in the future as this is just the beginning!

Order History

Realtime view of your Southwire orders that provides detailed info, status updates, and documents to keep you informed.

Inventory Lookup

Realtime inventory lookup that shows you what products we have in stock and if it's available to purchase.

Email Notifications

Subscribe to email notifications that will let you know when you have status changes on your Southwire orders.

How to Login to the Customer Hub

Register for an Account

Go to our registration page and select Customer Hub Account so that we can set up your profile to begin using the new Customer Hub. Only Southwire customers, agents and employees are eligible for this account. Please supply your account number, referenced on your invoice.
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How-To Information

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