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We know the construction journey can be complex. From pre-construction planning and mobilization to installation and completion, our experts are available to help you choose the right building solutions for the job. Whether it’s commercial or residential wiring, cable pulling products, or partnering with a Southwire professional, our solutions help you create efficiency, secure trust, power innovation, and support sustainability goals.

Create Efficiency

Reduce project timelines, enhance safety, and provide a seamless experience with our efficiency-creating solutions, expert services, and industry-leading training.

Our 48-hour response time can improve productivity by up to 50% and result in 33% less labor needed.

Secure Trust 

Rest assured, knowing that our trusted products and professionals will deliver as promised thanks to our 70+ years as the industry leader in wire and cabling solutions.

Nearly 50% of new U.S. homes contain our wire, and half of the nation’s electric cabling comes from Southwire.

Support Sustainability

Reduce your environmental impact with recycling programs that minimize waste and choose sustainable solutions with the help of our engineering services team.

Over 78K pounds of plastic have been diverted from landfills through our plastic reel recovery and reuse initiative.

Power Innovation

Avoid costly delays and frustration with solutions that help to power new innovations in residential and commercial buildings across the nation.

Our innovative cable-pulling solutions can provide a 53.2% reduction in cost vs. traditional methods.

Trusted, Innovative Solutions for an Evolving Electric Future

The building construction industry has undergone a profound transformation. Today, both the construction process and the end result are expected to be smart, sustainable, and future-ready. Electricity isn’t there to just keep the lights on; it charges our smartphones, energizes our electric vehicles, empowers us to work from home, and enables a healthier planet for us all. It is quickly becoming an all-electric world, and as the leading provider of commercial and residential wiring and cabling solutions, Southwire has both the experience and innovation to help you power the future.

Commercial Building Solutions

Powering new ways of working.

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Residential Building Solutions

Energizing houses, creating homes.

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The Original Romex® Brand Wire and Cable Solutions

Did you know that approximately 2 million feet of Southwire Romex® Brand NM-B cable is installed in the U.S. each day?

It’s no wonder we have gained a reputation as one of the most recognized and trusted brand names for electrical wire installations in North America.

Elevate your electrical projects with high-quality solutions designed for reliability and performance with our comprehensive range of Romex® Brand wire & cable, hand tools, and rough electrical components manufactured exclusively by Southwire. We help you get the job done with wire pulls that are up to 50% easier than traditional NM-B cable.

We took Conduit Bending to the Next Degree™

We don’t just help you bend conduit - we change the way you do it. Explore our full line of conduit benders and conduit bending tools.
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Solve Complex Challenges with Our Contractor Solutions Professionals

Got a tough wire pull? Get help from the experts! Have a Contractor Solutions Professional come to your job site to consult on layouts, pulling calculations, overall setup, and more.

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Get Your Orders Faster with Southwire SPEED™ Services

Whether it is a custom product that requires a reduced lead time or a stock product that needs to be shipped today, our concierge customer specialists help you get what you need, on time, on budget, and all from one manufacturing source.

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Efficiently Plan Your Projects with Our Calculators

Optimize job site installations with our free calculators that help you quote fast and order the perfect amounts to reduce waste and avoid delays.

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Success Stories


Southwire building solutions enhance the safety and efficiency for Diefenderfer's fire alarm circuit systems.

Sunbelt Rentals
and DFW Airport

A recent customer contacted a Southwire Solutions Partner to confirm a tough wire pull could be completed, and we delivered the complete solution!


Bass Electric saves time and improves efficiency with the BENDstation™ Pro in his Prefab shop.