Southwire SPEED™ Services


Turning "No Quote" Into "No Problem"

Southwire SPEED™ Services offers a variety of solutions based on your urgent needs. Whether it is a made-to-order product that requires customization, a reduced lead time or minimum order quantity, or a made-to-stock product that requires shipment today or specific delivery expectations, our concierge customer specialists will provide options to meet your needs all from one U.S. manufacturing source. Southwire SPEED™ Services is here to turn “No quote” into “No problem”.

SPEED Made to Stock

Includes real time pricing and availability information, same day or next day shipment as well as 1 hour guaranteed pick-up options, and manufacturer direct, cut-to-length service.

SPEED™ Made to Stock

SPEED Made to Order

Includes flexible minimum order quantity, flexible lead time, creative solutions for special construction needs, and a dedicated team supporting you along the way.

SPEED™ Made to Order Services

SPEED Project Services

Utilizes our 70-year+ history of industry knowledge & expertise. We can offer unmatched customer support from engineering, to project management, to education.

SPEED™ Project Services

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Southwire SPEED™ Services FAQs

Question Answer
What is Southwire SPEED Services? Southwire SPEED Services is a platform inside of Southwire with a dedicated team that focuses on the customer’s urgent needs: expedited delivery, less than minimum order quantity, customization, and concierge service.
Are all Southwire products offered through SPEED Services? Yes.
How do I contact Southwire SPEED Services or utilize these services? Reach out directly to your normal Southwire channel representative or email
What are Stock Services? Stock Services focuses on expedited shipping from our North American logistics footprint, utilizing our service centers and agent warehouses coast to coast. We offer 1-hour pickup, same day and next day shipping and can manage special delivery requirements like getting a hot shot service. These quotes are returned within an hour.
How quickly can you ship? We offer 1-Hour pick up, as well as same day and next day shipping. We can also coordinate a “hot shot”, LTL dedicated courier to your desired location.
What are Manufacturing Services? Manufacturing Services focuses on make to order requests. We utilize a small amount of allocated capacity to manage requests for a reduced lead time, reduced minimum order quantity, or a custom specification. These are for products that we typically do not stock in our service centers and can be small one offs where someone forgot to order one custom length cable to complete a bill of material, or it could be a large project that has fallen behind and needs to be manufactured faster than the standard lead times. Most quotes are returned in 4-hours or less, but this can depend on the complexity of the request.
Does it cost more to utilize SPEED Services? Yes, there is a nominal fee to utilize these dedicated resources and facility assets.
What are Project Management Services? Project Management Services focuses on large projects that will require a dedicated team to assist in moving the project through every step of the process, from quoting, stock number creation, production, shipping, engineering services, and much more. We will provide a ‘white glove’ style service for your projects to ensure your production and shipment schedule are on time, while keeping an open communication of updates throughout the project.
Does Southwire SPEED Services offer Cable Management Services? Yes, striping, kitting, bundling, marking, and labeling services are available.
Can I get SIMpull® Cable Products and Solutions through SPEED Services? Yes, all products and services are offered through SPEED Services.
Will CableTechSupport™  Services provide assistance with a SPEED Services purchase? Any order above $25k qualifies for free CableTechSupport™ Services.