/images/buttons/ArmorX_button.jpg/images/IndArmorXMainImage2.jpgTake cable to the extreme with Armor-XArmorX.htmAn extremely durable product that meets Class I, Division I hazardous location rating.
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Take cable to the extreme with Armor-X

Take cable to the extreme with Armor-X®

Do you have jobs that require extreme bending and training of the cable? Armor-X is new improved continuously-welded armored with strength, endurance flexibility live up demands of most difficult job without cracking armor. Plus, cable offers a smaller diameter lighter weight than the competition, making it easier to install even in tight corners and areas requiring multiple bends.

ARMOR-X's Flexibility Endurance is Superior to the Competition

Lab tests have shown a greater than 2:1 ratio in flexibility endurance to the current armored products on the market both to UL and NEC bend radii. Flexibility is not sacrificed to achieve greater endurance. Plus, flexibility resistance is the same as other similar armored products on the market.

Proven Benefits of ARMOR-X

  •  Twice the flexibility endurance of other armored products 
  •  Low bending force to withstand greater pressure
  •  Similar flexibility resistance to other products
  •  Smaller diameter
  •  Lighter weight
  •  Works with all standard hardware