Product Innovation is Key at Southwire

Since 1950, Southwire’s research and development has brought new innovations for both transmission and distribution applications. From the grid of yesterday to the grid of tomorrow.

HS285® Overhead Conductor - HS285 is the most popular high temperature low sag (HTLS) conductor in use today because of its versatility and strength. The multipurpose conductor is up to 21 percent stronger than standard ACSS, reducing sag while allowing for additional line capacity.
C Overhead Conductor - With its unique stranded construction, Southwire’s C Overhead Conductor is the most durable, rugged, and reliable composite core conductor on the market - and the only composite core conductor developed by a conductor manufacturer with full knowledge of utility needs and practices.
Max Storm™ Overhead Conductor - At half the size of the same capacity ACSR conductors, Max Storm™ overhead conductors accumulate less ice buildup, resulting in less sag and less weight on transmission towers. The higher aluminum packing factor reduces the sail area which results in less wind load on transmission lines.

VR2® Vibration Resistant Conductor – Our VR2® conductor provides vibration and galloping resistance without the schedule delays associated with bagging problems during installation. VR2 conductor is the easiest installing dual-conductor cable construction you can find.

Proof Positive® Products - Proof Positive® products, available in both copper & copper-clad steel, are the only traceable copper theft solution on the market. Made from utility-grade copper, the product looks and behaves like any other copper conductor except for a unique feature: each foot of cable is imprinted with TraceID™ codes that provide a unique “fingerprint” for proving ownership.
PowerGlide® 600VUD - Engineered with Glide Wire™ Technology, PowerGlide 600VUD cables slide through ducts with less force.

SIMpull® Cable-in-Conduit - Southwire is the only full product supplier that manufactures both the cable and conduit, providing trusted and tested quality you can depend on. SIMpull CIC increases job safety, productivity, and profitability and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

SureSeal® Self-Sealing Cable - The patented SureSeal cables contain a highly reliable visco-elastic insulating material that flows into insulation breaks and blocks the moisture migration, thus leading to fewer failures.
PowerGlide® MV - An enhanced cable jacket allows the cable to slide through duct with less friction. The result: longer pulls or pushes with less or no lube at all.

HPFF RetroFit Solution With limited components supply and expertise to repair or replace HPFF systems, the electric utility industry has been seeking alternatives to address their specific needs. PTECHTS provides an option to update these systems with a solid dielectric cable system while utilizing the existing infrastructure, eliminating the potential for environmental hazards, and maintaining, or potentially increasing the systems’ ratings.

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