Re3™ Variable Frequency Drive Cable Size Estimator

Determine the size of VFD Cable needed for your specific low voltage drive.

Re3™ VFD Sizing Calculator

Use this simple tool to input relevant information for your installation of cable from VFD (variable-frequency drive) to Motor and it will select the proper size of cable for your installation.

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Voltage Drop Calculator

Helps determine the proper wire size for an electrical circuit based on the voltage drop and current carrying capacity of an electrical circuit.

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Conduit Fill Calculator

Conduit Fill is the percent of area inside the conduit taken up by the cable\(s\). Provides quick and easy results for the conduit fill percent, per NEC® guidelines.

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MCAP ® Cost Calculator

Quickly and easily illustrates the potential labor cost savings when using MCAP ® cable in place of traditional MC cable.

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