Streamline Building Operations with SIMpull® Coil PAK™ Wire Payoffs and SIMpull  BARREL™ Cable Drums

Southwire SIMpull® Coil PAK™ Wire Payoff and SIMpull  BARREL™ Cable Drum are a winning combination, adding a new level of flexibility to circuit wire installations and eliminating heavy, bulky spools completely. SIMpull® Coil PAK™ Wire Payoffs and SIMpull  BARREL™ Cable Drums are designed to optimize branch circuit management, leading to increased efficiency, better productivity, and a safer working environment on the jobsite.

Maximize EFFICIENCY and Savings on the Jobsite

Avoid costly delays and frustration with solutions that help to power new innovations in residential and commercial buildings across the nation. From pre-construction planning and mobilization to installation and completion, our experts are available to help you choose the right building solutions for the job maximize efficiency and savings on the jobsite by up to 50%.

Optimize wire pulling efficiency and labor savings on your jobsite by combining SIMpull® Coil PAK™ Wire Payoffs and SIMpull BARREL™ Cable Drum with other components in the SIMpull® Circuit Management System. These innovative solutions individually boost productivity, but together they create a substantial impact on time, margins, and labor for all circuit wire pulls.

Whether it's residential or commercial wiring, cable pulling products, or partnering with a Southwire professional, our solutions help you create efficiency, secure trust, power innovation, and support sustainability goals.

Power INNOVATION with our Efficiency-Creating Solutions, Expert Services, and Industry-Leading Training

Pair the SIMpull® Coil PAK™ Wire Payoffs and the SIMpull BARREL™ Cable Drum with other products as part of the SIMpull® Circuit Management System to maximize efficiency and savings on the jobsite by up to 50%. By themselves, each of these innovative components can help improve your productivity. But when used together, they combine to help provide a significant impact on the time, margins and labor associated with all your circuit wire pulls.

SIMpull® Coil PAK™ Wire Payoff

Available in a variety of sizes, colors, configurations, and package lengths, the SIMpull® Coil PAK™ wire payoff offers a wide range of flexibility, making it the premier choice for versatility on the job. Pulling circuit wire has never been easier.

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SIMpull  BARREL™ Cable Drum

The SIMpull  BARREL™ Cable Drum is ideal for jobsites with longer runs and home-run pulls. Designed to simplify branch circuit installations, the SIMpull BARREL™ Cable Drum contains up to 7 paralleled conductors per BARREL, increasing productivity and reducing the potential for injury while avoiding broken spool, excess material handling and scrap.

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SIMpull BARREL™ Cable Drum Features & Benefits

  • Easier wire pulling with SIMpull® NoLube® wire jacket
  • Stationary package design to reduce wire pulling tension
  • Designed to help lower potential for lifting/handling/pulling injuries
  • Patented parallel construction to reduce material handling and setup
  • Avoid broken spools and spool over-turn
  • Available in #10, 12 and 14 up to 7 conductors, #8 and 6 up to 4 conductors

SIMpull® Coil PAK™ Wire Payoff Features & Benefits

  • Stationary package design reduces wire pulling effort & helps protect wire
  • Built-in handle for easy carrying
  • SIMpull® NoLube® jacket reduces wire pulling tension
  • Incorporated payoff feature for less setup
  • Avoid broken spools and spool over-turn
  • Designed to help reduce potential lifting/handling/pulling injuries

Success Stories

A.S. Jones
& Co.

Could you image installing wire with no more wire spools at all? A.S. Jones & Co. saves time and improves efficiency with SIMpull® Coil PAK™  Wire payoffs.


Southwire circuit wire pulling solutions enhance the safety and efficiency for Diefenderfer's fire alarm circuit systems.


The SIMpull  Barrel™ Cable Drum system significantly reduces the time and labor needed pulling wire while building a city school.