Southwire Invests $10 Million Toward Modernization Efforts to its Facility in Crestview, Fla.

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Continuing to support its long-term modernization strategy, Southwire announces a $10 million investment to its Crestview facility, focusing on safety, systems, capacity and materials management. 

The Crestview facility, located near the Bob Sikes Airport and previously known as American Elite Molding, is Southwire’s newest acquisition as of November 16, 2020. The facility is one of America’s leading manufacturers of nylon cable ties, amplifying the company’s strategic initiative to grow its Tools, Components & Assembled Solutions (TCAS) business. Now, just a few months after becoming part of the Southwire organization, the company plans to invest $10 million into the facility by 2025. 

“This modernization effort will be incredibly beneficial to Southwire, its employees, customers and the TCAS business,” said Brandon Moss, EVP and President of TCAS. “Additionally, by investing in Southwire’s newest acquired business, our organization is showing its dedication to growth for manufacturing in the United States, including the local Crestview community. This large modernization effort will continue Southwire’s strategy to remain generationally sustainable for the next 100 years and beyond.”

In 2021, Southwire plans to spend $4 million toward this investment. Throughout the year, the company will focus on purchasing additional equipment and tooling to better align its capacity and opportunity. Between 2022 and 2025, the remaining $6 million will focus on additional machines, new systems, safety programs and more. In turn, these investments will provide more opportunity for the business globally and create additional jobs at the Crestview facility.

“The modernization efforts in Crestview are instrumental in our ability to execute on one of our core strategic commercial initiatives of Driving Channel Expansion & New Customer Acquisition,” said Steve White, Southwire VP of sales. “That, coupled with the fact that seventy percent of cable applications use cable ties during the installation process, make this modernization effort key for us to grow the TCAS business for years to come.”

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