Details of Regulatory Actions


Reportable releases in the past 12 months

October 2019Carrollton, GA – A process cooling water line above a drawing solution tank failed causing the tank and its secondary containment system to overflow, releasing an estimated 1,200 gallons of process water mixed with drawing solution to Buffalo Creek. Upon discovery of the overflow, the plant water system was shut down. The National Response Center and Georgia Environmental Protection Division were notified. Plant personnel and outside emergency response contractors were called in to clean-up the spill. A minor fish kill occurred as a result of the release.

Letters of Noncompliance (LON), Notices of Violation (NOV), etc. in the past 12 months

March 2020Carrollton, GA - Southwire received a Notice of Violation (NOV) from the City of Carrollton for exceeding our zinc daily maximum sewer permit discharge limit in February. Initial evaluation of the site’s process water sources did not show elevated levels of zinc. Southwire is continuing to investigate the potential cause of this permit exceedance. No monetary penalty is expected.

December 2019Carrollton, GA - Southwire received a Notice of Violation (NOV) from the City of Carrollton for failure to conduct sewer effluent sampling in November. Southwire failed to complete the required sampling due to administrative issues with our sampling contractor. The issues were resolved, and internal procedures have been updated to ensure future sampling activities are performed as required. There was no fine associated with this violation.

August & September 2019Douglas, GA - Southwire received two Notices of Violation (NOV) from the City of Douglas for failure to conduct sewer effluent sampling in July and August. Southwire contested these NOVs because the permit issued to the facility in June 2019 cited effluent standards and monitoring frequencies that do not apply to our operations. The City did not rescind the NOVs; however, they agreed that there was a misperception of apparent permit applicability and waived any further enforcement action. Subsequently, Southwire has eliminated all process water discharge to the sewer, and the discharge permit has been terminated. No fine was assessed.

August 2019Starkville, MS - The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) issued an Notice of Violation to the Starkville Plant for failure to test their diesel engine and generator set within the required 3-year timeframe. Southwire had planned to test the engine, but an engine malfunction and associated plant power failure on the day of the test prevented the test within the required timeframe. Southwire notified MDEQ of the issue when it occurred and tested the engine after as soon as it was repaired. Southwire provided MDEQ an explanation for the failure to test and requested that the NOV be rescinded. MDEQ did not rescind the NOV; however, they issued a No Further Action determination.