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Are you interested in a job that is fast-paced, hands-on and has exciting opportunities for growth? How about working for a company where you can receive industry-leading training and development, all while your safety is top-priority? Then come join our manufacturing team and become one of The People Behind the Power™! Apply NOW at  

Q&A with Kisha Jones, Southwire’s director of recruiting

Q: Why should people come work for Southwire?

A: “At Southwire, we are built on 70 years of long, rich history, and we continue to build on that success by looking at the future - and we want YOU to be a part of that. By joining our manufacturing and distribution team, you will play a key role in the global evolution of manufacturing and tech, all while being part of an organization that keeps employee's safety and well-being as its top priority.” 

Q: Why are manufacturing jobs important?

A: “Jobs are the foundation of a strong economy, and the manufacturing industry creates more jobs than any other sector. Our nation’s ability to create things through manufacturing directly connects to our status and our purchasing power in the global marketplace. When we can research, develop, innovate, manufacture and distribute products, we provide those building blocks for a strong and thriving economy.”    

Q: What opportunities does Southwire have for growth and development?

A: “At Southwire, opportunities are limitless to those that are motivated. Depending on what you are most interested in, there are opportunities in skilled trades, leadership and corporate support. To support your career growth, we offer mentorship programs, apprenticeships, virtual and in person development opportunities and self-paced learning experiences.” 

Q: What sets Southwire apart from other manufacturing organizations?

A: “Right now is an exciting time for all manufacturing companies, as organizations are starting to reimagine their approach to making and distributing products. What sets Southwire apart from other organizations is what cannot be replaced by any measure of technology, and that is our people. Our employees are the heart of what makes us successful. Their sprit and willingness to give to the company and their communities goes unmatched.” 

To apply for one of our open manufacturing positions, or any other jobs at Southwire, visit