Carbon Zero

In July 2020, Southwire announced a goal to achieve 100% zero carbon energy for our operations by 2025 from a 2018 baseline. We will implement a Carbon Zero strategy to eliminate or offset all greenhouse gas (defined as carbon dioxide equivalents or carbon) associated with Scope 1 (direct combustion emissions) and Scope 2 (indirect emissions from purchased electricity) emissions.
Under Carbon Zero, Southwire intends to reach this milestone using approaches that may include some or all the following:
  • Reduction of on-site energy use through efficiency and modernization efforts
  • Installation of on-site renewable energy sources such as solar
  • The use of power purchase agreements (PPAs) for on-site renewable applications
  • The use of virtual power purchase agreements (VPPAs) for off-site renewable applications
  • The purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs)
  • The purchase of renewable power from utility providers
  • The purchase of carbon offsets 
  • Supporting the transition of our electricity and gas providers to low carbon energy sources
Southwire has not publicly announced a Scope 3 goal under our Carbon Zero initiative. However, we have set internal targets to reduce Scope 3 emissions, and we are actively engaged and building partnerships with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to reduce our carbon footprint.

To launch the Carbon Zero era, Southwire is constructing the first solar installation at our corporate headquarters that is expected to begin providing power in Fall 2020. This addition brings the number of our solar installations to three company-wide. The installation will:
  • Be a visible demonstration of Southwire’s commitment to reduce the company’s carbon footprint
  • Showcase Southwire products that are employed in solar installations
  • Consist of a solar carport over the handicap and expectant mother parking area
  • Include solar picnic tables in the courtyard to provide an interactive experience for employees
  • Incorporate 2 new electric vehicle charging stations

Global Sustainability Team

To help drive our overall sustainability efforts and our Carbon Zero strategy, Southwire formed a global sustainability team. This cross-functional workgroup, which consists of representatives from each area of the business, acts as an idea originator and provides guidance on our company’s sustainability efforts, including our Carbon Zero strategy. The team will participate in our carbon reduction efforts and lead activities such as supplier and customer partnerships, product design/innovation to reduce impacts of products and packaging and employee and community engagement. This group will also guide awareness of company sustainability efforts and engagement with all stakeholders in order to grow our business, manage our risks, enhance our organization and build social capital.