Watteredge Brand Transitioning to Southwire

Mar 22, 2017

Introducing the Southwire Avon Lake Plant

Since 1949, Watteredge, LLC has been developed a legacy for providing focused customer service and quality products. The company has provided essential engineered products for a wide variety of industries including Energy, Automotive, Chemical Processing, Transit, Power Generation, and more.

In 2012, the company was acquired by Coleman Cable, and, in 2014, by Southwire Company, LLC. As part of Southwire Company, the 75,000 square foot facility located just outside Cleveland, Ohio continued to be a trusted manufacturer of battery and custom bus bar copper connectors, high current DC switches, laminated shunts, air cooled cables, and a variety of custom engineered products.

In 2017, as we continue to look at ways to optimize our sales channels and broaden our product offerings to better service our customers, we have started the process of integrating the Watteredge, LLC brand into Southwire Company, LLC. Since the acquisition, Watteredge has continued to operate as a separate company. As we looked for ways to enhance our value proposition within our existing channels, we realized that many of the Watteredge products fall into a number of markets Southwire currently serves. By integrating the Watteredge products under the Southwire name, we can sell across our markets more effectively, diversify into new markets and provide more value to our customers.

What changes will you see?

We will continue to use the Watteredge brand to identify products, but operations in Watteredge will now be integrated under the Southwire name. You, as the customer, will see no impact on the day-to-day business interaction. We will still offer the same products with the excellent quality and service you have come to expect.

·         We renamed the facility the Southwire Avon Lake Plant

·         Quotations, packaging, financial and shipping documents will be updated to reflect the Southwire name

  • This may require some adjustments in your purchasing system

·         Email addresses for your sales representatives will be transitioned to the Southwire domain (e.g.,         firstname.lastname@southwire.com)

·         The watteredge.com website will be updated to reflect the Southwire brand

·         Watteredge social media accounts will be moved to Southwire’s purview

For more information, please stay tuned to southwire.com/newsroom.

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