Re3™ Cable-in-Conduit Labor Saving Calculator

The industry’s first estimator showing the reduction of installation labor for Southwire® Cable-in-Conduit (CIC) compared to pulling cables into PVC ducts.

CIC Labor Savings Calculator

NECA® National Electric Contractor Association Manual of Labor Units 2021-2022 was used as basis for labor rate comparison.  10 ft PVC stick installation was combined with cable pulling and compared to HDPE Conduit with cable preinstalled.

The calculator only computes labor savings of conduit and cable installations.  It excludes earthwork and cable costs as they are common to either type of installation. 

RHW-USE AL cables would fall into the “600V AL Duplex/Triplex X AWG/KCMIL in X.XX”” category

RHW-USE CU cables would fall into the “600V X/C CU X AWG/KCMIL XHHW in X.XX”” category.

Cable Type/Conduit Size are a selection of commonly requested cable type/conduit combinations.  These meet the NEC maximum conduit fill requirements.

*2/C: 2 conductor parallel, 3/C: 3 conductor parallel, 15kV: single conductor 

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