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Southwire’s Machine Flex® control tray cables 600/1000 Volt conform to NFPA 79 and are suited for use in wet and dry areas, conduits, ducts, troughs, trays, direct burial and where superior electrical properties are desired. These cables are capable of operating continuously at the conductor temperature not in excess of 75°C in wet locations and 90°C in dry locations, 130°C for emergency overload, and 150°C for short circuit conditions. For uses in Class I, II, Division 2 hazardous locations per NEC® Article 501 and 502. Constructions with 3 or more conductors are listed for exposed runs (TC-ER) per NEC® 336.10. Southwire’s machine tray cable is ideal for use in CNC machines, grinding, cutting, metal forming, buffing, bottling equipment, conveyors, processing & packaging equipment, assembly lines, control panels, food and beverage, oil sands, plant expansion, wind energy and data centers. Multiple approvals for multiple applications. Cable is rated for -40°C cold impact. Two conductor cables contain no green/yellow ground.


Stock # 58265405 58265405
No. of Conductors 4 4
Size (AWG or kcmil) (mm2) 14 AWG 14 AWG
No. of Strands 41 41
Insulation Thickness (mils) (mm) 15 0.38 mils mm
Nom. OD (mils) (mm) 375 9.53 mils mm
Nominal Total Weight (lbs/1000') (kgs/km) 97 144 lbs/1000' kgs/km

Standards & References

  • ASTM B172: Standard Specification for Rope-Lay-Stranded Copper Conductors Having Bunch-Stranded Copper Conductors
  • ASTM B174: Standard Specification for Bunch-Stranded Copper
  • UL 66: Fixture Wire Type TFFN (for sizes 18 and 16 AWG)
  • UL 83: Thermoplastic Insulated Wire and Cables (sizes 14 AWG to 1000 kcmil)
  • UL 758: AWM Style 2587
  • UL 1063: Machine Tool Wiring (MTW)
  • UL 1277: TC-ER
  • UL 1690: Data Processing Cable (DP-1)
  • UL 2277: Type WTTC
  • UL 13: Type PLTC-ER sizes 18-12AWG
  • UL 2250: Type ITC-ER on sizes 18-12 AWG
  • CSA C22.2 No. 210: Appliance wiring material products I/II A/B (Sizes 16 - 8AWG)
  • CSA C22.2 No.230: Tray Cables - Rated TC
  • CSA C22.2 No. 239: Control and instrumentation cables


  • Conductor: Class K, Flexible stranded bare annealed copper per ASTM B3, B172, and B174
  • Insulation: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) with nylon layer THHN
  • Ground: One Green Ground with Yellow Stripe THHN
  • Jacket: Sunlight Resistant Gray Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE: Other jacket colors available upon request


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