STT 4-133 Str TINNED CU SAEBn 1000R

Southwire #: F041070431

105°C. 60 Volts DC and 25 Volts AC. Flexible Stranded Copper Conductor. PVC Insulation.

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Southwire Type SGT and STT battery cables are 60 VDC and 25 VAC cables that can be used in harnesses made for all types of land vehicles. 600 V - 1,000 V rated designs may be available on special order. Other sizes and constructions may also be available on special order. Contact sales. Resistant to flame, ozone, hot water, abrasion, automotive fluids, temperature and humidity cycling.


imperial metric
Stock # F041070431 F041070431
Size (AWG or kcmil) 4 AWG 4 AWG
No. of Strands 133 133
Nom. OD (mils) (mm) 330 8.38 mils mm
Nominal Total Weight (lbs/1000') (kgs/km) 151 225 lbs/1000' kgs/km

Standards & References

  • ASTM B3 Soft or annealed copper
  • SAE J1127 Low Voltage Battery Cable


  • Conductors: Flexible stranded bare copper; See Table 1 for Stranding Details
  • Insulation: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Colors: All Colors available; Stripes available upon request


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