Shared Value Partnerships


Building the Talent of Tomorrow

At Southwire, we expect all our employees to strive toward continued growth and development. We believe talent exists at every age, and it is never too soon to plant seeds of interest. For that reason we continuously and successfully partner with educational institutions to create opportunity and value for the student, the schools, and our organization. Our partners include early childhood education initiatives, high school experiential learning, undergraduate internships, and advanced degree programs.

12 For Life

Southwire Company and Carroll County Schools formed a partnership and founded a unique program for at-risk high school students called 12 for Life in Carrollton, Georgia. In 2007, the graduation rate in Carroll County was 65% with 55% being economically disadvantaged. Now, more than ten years later, the graduation rate has reached 93%. The program has since expanded to seven different school systems, including a secondary location in Florence, Alabama.

Southwire Engineering Academy (SWEA)

Southwire currently partners with both Carroll County and Carrollton City School Systems to engage high performing students interested in engineering pathways.  The program provides students with an opportunity to shadow engineers and apply STEM knowledge and skills through real world problem solving. Students participate in activities and gain insight into various engineering disciplines related to Southwire’s workforce (i.e. Industrial, Mechanical, Electrical and Infrastructure Technology).  SWEA engineers mentor students on safety, quality, teamwork, presentation preparation, as well as business etiquette and professionalism in the workplace. 

Southwire Business Leadership Program (SBLP)

Southwire has a long-standing partnership with the University of West Georgia. Through the Southwire Business Leaders Program (SBLP), students work alongside managers and teams to contribute to current business needs and opportunities. Their projects are shared with Southwire’s Executive Leadership Team throughout the internship. Each student is assigned a mentor and connected across the organization. In addition to their experiential learning in the business, the students are also exposed to Project GIFT and other programs that showcase Southwire’s commitment to giving back and social responsibility.