Ordinary vs Extraordinary: Tony Lutzi Helps You Secure Jobs Through Innovative Products

Sep 27, 2017

DJ Williams, Contractor Solutions' Project Construction Manager, ensures the smooth integration between what contractors need and what Contractor Solutions offers. He works with other team members like Tony Lutzi to make sure that ordinary jobs get extraordinary results. He wrote in about two recent SIMpull® Cable-In-Conduit success stories that were made possible through Lutzi's hard work and care for the contractors he assists.

I assisted Tony Lutzi - a Contactor Solutions team member - secure two jobs for Titan Electric’s Orlando location that will need approximately 54,000 lbs of Southwire’s SIMpull® Cable-In-Conduit (CIC). SIMpull® CIC gives contractors a safety, productivity, and profit advantage because the cable is preinstalled into the conduit. By not having to separately install cable and conduit, Titan had a labor savings that allowed them to work on the two jobs almost simultaneously. 

The first job is a new Lexus dealership in Orlando, now the second of its kind. The 175,000 square foot facility began construction January 2017 and is installing approximately 40,000 lbs of SIMpull® CIC.

The second is the United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) in Sanford, FL and will be known as their new national headquarters. The project will encompass 1.2 million square feet of turf on 85 acres. Approximately 14,000 lbs of SIMpull® CIC will be installed. Involved in the renovations and new construction is a 1500-seat standalone stadium which was previously occupied by the Washington Nationals during their Spring Training. Also included are new parking lots, sidewalks, underground utilities, landscaping, and general civil infrastructure site development work which will be constructed as part of the new complex.

On Tuesday, August 1st, myself and another Southwire project manager visited each jobsite and met with the project managers at each location. All three project managers interviewed were pleased with the performance and labor savings and plan to order SIMpull® CIC again for upcoming jobs. In addition to the very positive feedback received from Titan, we were able to gather information in regards to changes we plan to make on our end for better-suiting the needs of the customer. We gained better ideas to assist in future installations. 

To learn more about how the Contractor Solutions team can assist you secure a job, optimize your pull, or see video testimonials from other contractors, visit us at contractorsolutions.southwire.com. If you would like to learn more about the hundreds of configurations that Southwire's innovative SIMpull® Cable-In-Conduit can be manufactured in, check out cic.southwire.com.

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