Introducing Super Sunlight Resistant - SSR™ PV Cable

Oct 11, 2016

Southwire announces the launch of Super Sunlight Resistant - SSR™ Photovoltaic (PV) cable, providing enhanced jacket protection on above ground solar installations.

With a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, Southwire developed an answer to customer needs for enhanced UV protection on photovoltaic (PV) wire slated for solar installations above ground.  Southwire’s newly-introduced Super Sunlight Resistant - SSR™ photovoltaic (PV) cable provides a solution for ever-present solar rays, which age jackets on exposed above ground solar cables.

“As a leading manufacturer in the Solar PV market, we are excited to introduce a new super sunlight resistant (SSR) family of products,” said Doug Ramsey, Southwire’s senior vice president of industrial sales. “Customers have asked for PV products that maintain their color under the harsh sunlight and UV environment, and our SSR cable answers this request.”

Understanding the challenges faced with harsh solar conditions, Southwire sought to help improve the longevity of jacket color on cable used in solar farms. The company’s engineers developed a solution to prolong and maximize sunlight resistance.

"It's critical that we listen and act on our customers’ wants and desires to deliver the top quality products they have come to expect from Southwire," said Tim Piper, senior director of Southwire’s industrial business. “We’re committed to building on Southwire’s legacy of providing innovative, problem-solving products to our customers.”

Extensive laboratory testing on the SSR product has proven its longevity for color retention as well as superseding elevated tensile and elongation trials.

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