Standard vs Innovative: The Contractor Solutions Professionals Beyond Customer Service

Oct 31, 2017

The Contractor Solutions team wants to provide contractors with the best customer service and has developed several ways for them to get in touch with us. Whether they talk to us at tradeshows like NECA, visit our landing page at, or spend two days with us through the Contractor Solutions Experience, we love getting their questions and figuring out how we can help them make their installations safer, more efficient, and more profitable. However, what we are best at is visiting their jobsites and seeing their installations in-person. We are expanding upon our services to make it even easier for contractors to reach out to us so we can go to them.

Introducing Contractor Solutions Professionals, our newest jobsite consultation service. The Contractor Solutions Professionals (CSP) have years of experience in jobsite service and solutions and want to help contractors have the best possible pulls. The way it works is that a CSP will travel to a jobsite to consult on layouts, pulling calculations, and the overall setup. The visiting CSP is fully dedicated to the needs of both the jobsite and the contractor through helping determine methods to save time and money. After the consultation phase, the CSP stays on-site during the installation to ensure a smooth pull. On top of evaluating the jobsite, the CSP will also bring equipment to demo. By being on-site, the equipment demos can show how tough installations can be simplified right at the job.

Tony Lutzi, who you may recognize from a different blog article about Southwire’s SIMpull® Cable-In-Conduit that you can read here, has already had a CSP success story. Tri-City Electrical Contractors, Inc was tasked by a hospital in Florida with replacing 1,900 ft of 500mcm Copper 8Kv medium voltage cable and 3/0 ground. The original cables were installed in 2005 to be used for a future expansion but were never terminated. While sitting dormant, the cable deteriorated in the moist conditions and failed all energizing tests at a controlled level. In order to make the replacement as efficient as possible, Tri-City Electrical reached out to the CSP service to advise on how to have the job completed in one weekend. Reviewing the pull logistics together, the Tri-City Superintendents and Lutzi created a layout of pull positions that incorporated suggested equipment additions to minimize effort and time. The result is that the reel and wire handling was significantly reduced and, with 11 people on-site, the workday was a total of 15 hours with less than 5 hours of pull time.

Lutzi notes that "Tri-City Electrical, Brasfield & Gorrie GC, and Florida Hospital Safety Managers were all very impressed with the set-up, safety, and time management" that he was able to provide. Lutzi continues that the "Tri-City Superintendents noted the original pull was longer than a week with twice the manpower. The removal of original cable also took days with a boom-truck, and was very taxing."

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