Southwire Wins at 2016 PPI Annual Meeting

Jun 21, 2016

At this year’s Plastic Pipe Institute Annual Meeting in Hilton Head Island, there were over 330 attendees representing resin manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and pipe producers from various HDPE markets such as Building & Construction, Electrical Conduit, Corrugated, Energy Piping and Municipal & Industrial.

As members of the Conduit Division, our team took home the following awards at the Plastic Pipe Institute Annual Meeting:

  • Member of the Year – Randy Kummer
  • Project of the Year – Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, Inc. Georgetown, KY Landfill Gas to Energy Project
  • Appreciation for Service and Leadership as Chair of CD Division – Michael Tribble

Chief Engineer, Randy Kummer says, “As part of the Plastic Pipe Institute we have an opportunity or platform to indirectly harmonize standards where opportunities arise.  Within PPI we are an active participant on the core tech team for the Conduit division.  As part of the team we can address and resolve field issues/concerns with all standards bodies, be it UL, NEMA, CSA, and ASTM. The core tech team is comprised of individuals with decades of industry technical knowledge and expertise.”

These awards are special because they were voted on by our conduit industry peers representing pipe producers, equipment manufacturers, and resin suppliers.

Michael Perry, Product Manager says “To know this award is voted on by industry peers, it makes it that much more of an honor to win project of the year. This is the third year in a row Southwire has won this award. I believe that speaks volumes about how Southwire’s focus on finding solutions for our customers are changing the way people view underground installations. By using SIMpull Cable-in-Conduit, complex, costly and time consuming underground installations are now being installed quicker, cheaper and more safely than ever before.”

We’ve been a member of this industry conference for the last 5 years. Through the Plastic Pipe Conference, we have had the opportunity to build relationships within this industry, identify new resin suppliers, discover new equipment technology along with shape our diversification plans for the future.