Southwire Speed™ Solutions Will Help You Reach the Finish Line

Apr 5, 2017

For our customers, Southwire has a new industrial product service to help meet your needs. Southwire Speed™ Solutions is a speciality service for those in need of Tray Cable, AIA, Armor-X®, and Medium Voltage Cable. We help customers who need a made-to-order speciality cable, need cable below a minimum ordering length, or have been saddled with a project that has a quick deadline. Our concierge customer specialists will negotiate to meet your needs for premium and expedited products that come from one manufacturing source.

Why Southwire Speed™ Solutions? With us, your lead times upon request to meet tight deadlines can be reduced by as much as 75%. Because of our decreased minimum order quantity, we will gladly produce short lengths of cable that fit non-standard constructions. And most importantly, Southwire will be able to handle all of your cabling needs - meaning that all of your speciality products are coming from a single quality source.

Our customers are already telling us how we've helped them out in a pinch. "Awesome service! Thank you Clyde and Southwire for helping us out of a pinch at BMW," stated Bryan O'Bryne of The Sack Company after receiving his shipment. "4 cuts 500' of 500-4c w/3 x #1 GW AIA in 12 days. Just goes to show nothing is impossible. I would recommend this for anyone in a time crunch.”

If you have a unique construction situation or need help meeting a deadline, look no further than Southwire and Southwire Speed™ Solutions. We will support your projects with our expertise as North America's largest wire and cable solution provider. For more information, please email

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