Southwire Launches 2016 Sustainability Report

Jun 12, 2017

Building upon the company’s strong commitment to sustainability, Southwire recently launched its third report, written in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 Guidelines Core option. This interactive, online update on the progress of Southwire’s sustainability commitments features the company’s management approach, goals and advancement in its most significant, or “material,” sustainability topics. The report update also highlights examples of how Southwire is strengthening its focus in these key areas.

“We are excited to launch this year’s report,” said Rich Stinson, Southwire’s president and CEO. “This progress update dives into all areas of sustainability at Southwire and identifies our most significant impacts and opportunities. The report details our sustainability goals and strategies, which align with our five tenets—Growing Green, Living Well, Giving Back, Doing Right and Building Worth.”

Southwire released its first GRI report in 2015, detailing its progress on sustainability goals from 2014. This first report demonstrated Southwire’s strong commitment to transparency around the company’s sustainability initiatives. Southwire’s 2016 report not only provides updates on the company’s 13 identified material topics, but launches a revitalized brand and an updated set of goals for 2021.

“We are very proud to share our new sustainability branding and goals with all of our stakeholders,” said Jeff Herrin, Southwire’s senior vice president of sustainability, environmental health & safety and quality. “Our new brand provides a compelling visual representation of how all five of our core tenets integrate to form our commitment to sustainability. Behind the brand are a new set of goals which will help guide us toward more significant advancements on our journey to best-in-class sustainability practices.”

As referenced in the report, 2016 yielded positive growth for Southwire, highlighted by strong business results, the creation of a clear business strategy under its new leadership and a steadfast commitment to its communities. A key highlight for the company was its marked progress in the area of safety.

“There is nothing more important at Southwire than the safety and well-being of our people,” said Herrin. “Last year, we did a great job of identifying hazards and putting new policies, systems and teams in place to mitigate safety risks. Our efforts don't stop in 2017 as we continue to find ways to eliminate injuries and incidents from our workplace.”

Some of Southwire’s other notable accomplishments for 2016, within its tenets of sustainability, include the successful acquisition and integration of United Copper Industries and Sumner Manufacturing; the development and launch of several innovative, award-winning products and record volunteer efforts through Project GIFT®, the company’s non-profit employee initiative.

“As we’ve taken meaningful steps to develop and implement our goals for the future, our accomplishments have only been possible through the relentless efforts of our Southwire people,” said Stinson. “I am extremely proud to lead this great team as we prepare for the next generation of industry-leading success.”

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