Southwire Introduces Rhino® Brand Mining Cables

Feb 17, 2016

When it comes to choosing mining cable, only the best will do. As the leader in mining cable, our dedicated product engineers understand the special requirements needed for cable used in the harshest of industrial and mining environments. So, if you need cable for open pit mining or to transport power deep into a mine shaft, we guarantee to meet all your needs.

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“We have received excellent feedback from our partners and end-users that Rhino® Brand Mining Cables are exceeding expectations under extreme conditions. We are very excited to continue this trend as we work to develop products and services that will, once again, prove Southwire’s commitment to this market,” says Chris Marlow, VP of Armored Product Sales.

Uses and Applications

Produced in our new state-of-the-art facility in Douglas, GA, Rhino® Brand mining cables are manufactured utilizing premium quality materials that will provide a cable for any mine or any condition. Based on extensive research and design efforts, Rhino® Brand mining cables are specifically engineered to provide maximum productivity in the following applications and conditions:

  • On the surface, Rhino® Brand mining cables are used to power draglines, shovels, pumps, and other equipment.
  • Underground, Rhino® Brand mining cables are used as the power supply to the mine, for long walls and continuous miners, roof bolters, shuttle cars, and other underground equipment.
  • When dredging, the cable provides the power supply for electrically powered dredges.
  • Rhino® Brand mining cables power the Tunnel-Boring Machine and ancillary equipment.
  • When it comes to aggregates, the cables are used for blasting, drilling, and powering electric shovels as well as other excavating equipment.

Several Mining Products Now Available

RhinoFlex™ heavy-duty portable power cable is designed for applications like continuous miners, loaders, drills and other equipment.

RhinoShield™ cable, a heavy duty, shielded product is designed for applications where maximum protection is required, such as long-wall shearers, continuous miners, shovels, drills and other mobile equipment. Type SHD-GC can be used where a ground check conductor is required for fail-safe ground monitoring.

RhinoPower™ cable, which is developed for use in stationary power distribution applications or semi-portable power transmission in deep mines, strip mines, open pits and tunnels.

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