Southwire Expands Warranties for Complete Line of Surge Guard* Products for RV Market to Include Connected Equipment

Dec 8, 2017

Southwire Company, LLC, the trusted source for Surge Guard* products designed to protect you, your RV, and electrical equipment, is pleased to announce a new warranty for its line of Surge Guard products.  The new warranty includes Lifetime Equipment Coverage for all Surge Guard products, and includes Connected Equipment Coverage to protect appliances in the RV, like TVs and microwaves, against costly damage resulting from transient voltage surges or spikes.

The new warranty applies to all Surge Guard products purchased on and after 11/27/2017.

“We want our customers to know we not only care about their safety, but the personal property inside their RVs, as well,” said Marc Hall, Vice President, Mobile Power & Electrical Safety. “That’s why we are committed to offering best-in-class quality, performance, and protection with our Surge Guard products and warranties. We believe in educating customers on the importance of power quality and electrical load so they can maintain a safe environment while enjoying all the amenities RVs have to offer.  Enhancing our warranty is a simple way for us to show our support for safe RV’ing and appreciation of our customers’ investments.”

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Southwire is the trusted source for Surge Guard products designed to protect you, your RV, and electrical equipment. We provide power for your journey with RV cords and adapters, and Shoreline Reels™ hose and cord reels to eliminate the mess. Wherever you are traveling, Southwire is proud to provide peace of mind when you hook up your RV at a campground, motor park, or recreational area. Learn more at

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