SIMpull™ Flange Celebrated at Thorn Customer Solutions Center

May 17, 2017

On May 15, 2017, Southwire Company, LLC. held an event at their new Thorn Customer Solutions Center to inform company employees across divisions about their new, innovative product, the SIMpull™ Flange. They discussed the successes and awards since the release, and celebrated the teams behind the product design and commercialization.

Southwire’s latest innovation from the Construction Solutions and Systems group led by Norman Adkins, is a transformational addition to the company’s suite of SIMpull Solutions® innovations, and is designed to improve the safety and productivity for electrical contractors, the company’s target customers.

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Who were in attendance:

  • Norman Adkins
  • Carol Godfrey
  • Other Members from Southwire’s Leadership Team
  • Southwire’s Sales Teams
  • Southwire’s Design Team
  • Southwire’s Building Wire Product Team
  • Southwire’s Research and Development Team

Those involved in the development of the Flange:

           Outside Sales/Contractor Solutions Team:

  1. Adam Akins
  2. Shawn Johnson
  3. Tony Lutzi
  4. Dustin Rogers
  5. Bob Waldorf

    Research and Development Team:

  6. Richard Temblador
  7. Myron Deese
  8. Will Kent
  9. Randy Kumer
  10. Juan Galindo
  11. Frank Calhoun
  12. Corky Whipple
  13. Jeremy Harris
  14. David Knerr
  15. Phil Tuggle


  16. Jonathan Hendricks
  17. Blair Fox
  18. Ryan Wilson

    Marketing Team:

  19. Brittany Hansard
  20. Christine Shumay
  21. Ryan Crews
  22. Cody Locklear
  23. Kevin Swango
  24. AJ Cooley
  25. Meghan McGovern-Davis
  26. Dee Hull
  27. Bill Brusenbach
  28. Gabrielle Young


  29. Murrell Blackburn

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