SCR Develops State of the Art Ultrasonic Degasser

Oct 22, 2013

A common problem in the aluminum casting industry is the presence of gasses in the liquid aluminum which causes voids in the finished product called porosity. There have been many methods used to remove these gasses but they commonly require expensive equipment, are expensive to operate, and use corrosive chemicals such as chlorine gas which pose a health and environmental risk.

SCR Technologies has developed a patent pending state of the art ultrasonic degasser that solves these problems as it is relatively inexpensive to purchase and operate and uses ultrasonic vibration instead of expensive and/or corrosive chemicals. This ultrasonic degasser, marketed under the brand name Ultra-D™ degasser, produces the highest quality of aluminum and can be easily integrated into the die and sand casting foundry as well as continuous cast and billet casting market segments.

A simple push of a button is all that is required for the degassing to commence and after introducing it at a recent symposium we are getting a lot of interest from aluminum casting companies. We have just sold the first unit which will be delivered in October and expect many more sales as the industry learns of this unique technology.

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