The Romex® brand SIMpull® NM-B-PCS Duo™ Cable FAQ

Oct 18, 2018

With the recent launch of the Romex® brand SIMpull® NM-B-PCS Duo™ Cable, we've received several questions about the applications, benefits, and features of this new product. For your convenience, we've put together an FAQ below of the top questions that contractors have had.

1. What constructions is this product available in?

Currently, we offer 14, 12, and 10 AWG constructions. Please see the chart below for full construction details.

2. Other than 0-10V LED and fluorescent dimmers and SMART homes, where else can this product be used? 

While this product is geared towards 0-10V dimming, it can be used for any control or signal application in a residential environment where Type NM cables are approved.


3. Can I still use the standard Romex staples to secure this product?

Yes! Please ensure that the staples are the proper size for the cable width. This is detailed in the chart above.

4. What about interference between the power conductors and control/signal cables?

In our previous experience with PCS constructions, interference between the power and control/signal components has been minimal to non-existent and has not been an issue in the field.  The induction from the phase and neutral conductors essentially cancel out each other and there is very little current flow in the control/signal conductors.

5. Can the two cables be peeled away from each other if necessary? 

They can be separated for a short distance when terminated at a device.  Do not fully separate the power and signal/control components.  The control/signal component is not UL listed separately from the complete NM-B-PCS cable and cannot be used apart from the rest of the cable.

We recommend using a tool to cut the webbing between the power and control/signal components rather than tearing the components apart.

6. Is it shielded?

The control/signal cable portion is not shielded, but does meet the UL requirements for separation between the power conductors and control/signal conductors.

7. Do you have other PCS products?

We do! For commercial applications, we offer the MC-PCS Duo™ Power & Control/Signal Cable. To learn more about its applications, features, and benefits, please visit


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