Reduce Your Installation Time with Our Neutral-Per-Phase Cables

Jun 22, 2017

Southwire is excited to tell you about our Metal Clad Cable Neutral-Per-Phase products. We continually innovate to ensure that our products offer contractors cost effective solutions that are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed and National Electrical Code (NEC) compliant to the latest changes to codes and standards. Multiple neutral and oversized neutral MC Cable constructions have been around for 20+ years as a solution to address overheating of the neutral caused by harmonics. In 2001, the NEC introduced additional language into the code that supports the use of neutral per phase constructions – NEC 210.7:

NEC Article 210.7 – Where two or more branch circuits supply devices or equipment on the same yoke or mounting strap, a means to simultaneously disconnect the ungrounded supply conductors shall be provided at the point at which the branch circuits originate. 

This basically states that all branch circuits must include a means to simultaneously disconnect all conductors that are sharing a neutral. This is important for the safety of anyone performing electrical work on the equipment or devices in the circuit, but can present an unintended inconvenience of power loss to other equipment or devices on the circuit. A safe and effective means of complying with NEC 210.7 is to install a cable with a dedicated neutral for each phase conductor. When you use a Neutral Per Phase MC Cable construction, you get the benefits of harmonic reduction as well as compliance with NEC 210.7.

Our Neutral-Per-Phase cables allow higher conductor counts and are available in MC, MCAP®, HCF, PCS, and PVC Jacketed constructions. Configurations typically include neutrals that are striped to match the color of each phase conductor so the conductors can be quickly identified with confidence. Constructions with numbered neutrals are also available.

Whether you're installing in a box, outlet, light fixture, or panel board, our product line is an excellent choice to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Southwire Armorlite® Type MC combined with Neutral-Per-Phase cables are constructed with solid soft-drawn copper Type THHN/THWN phase conductors, a dedicated neutral-per-phase conductor, and an insulated copper grounding conductor. The conductors are cabled together and a binder tape bearing the print legend is applied over the conductors.

Our products meets or exceeds the following requirements:

  • UL83
  • UL 1569
  • UL 1685
  • UL Online Product Guide Info - Metal-Clad Cable (PJAZ) ( )
  • Federal Specification A-A59544 (formerly J-C-30B)
  • NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code), Article 330
  • Listed for use in UL 1, 2 and 3 Hour Through Penetration Firestop Systems
  • Jacketed & Non Jacketed will both pass " UL Test" & "FT4/IEEE 1202" (70,000 Btu/hr) VerticalCable Tray Flame Test
  • REACH/RoHS-2 (Chemical Limit) Compliant

For more information about our NEC and UL compliant products, stay tuned to!

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