Reactive vs Proactive: Education Opportunities For Contractors

Jul 28, 2017

Contractor Solutions is a proactive service to help you be safer, more profitable, and more productive throughout your jobsites. In previous blogs, we've demonstrated how Contractor Solutions can help you determine the most effective method to finish your installation with techniques, innovative products, and our suite of apps. However, Southwire now offers education opportunities to have classroom and hands-on experience with our latest labor saving methods and tools in a training facility located in Carrollton, GA that offers a variety of specialized experiences.

Southwire Solutions University (SSU) is a proactive avenue in assisting contractors with strengthening their own skills and knowledge. The two day Contractor Solutions Experience is an option to help contractors implement techniques and products that will save time and money while increasing safety and efficiency. Over two days, contractors will learn best practices for a safe and productive cable installation by using Southwire's SIMpull Solutions® products and services.

Dustin Rogers, who has a previous blog about making the impossible possible for Taylor Electric, has already received great feedback about the training that Westland Electric had through the Contractor Solutions Experience. Jeff Jackson relayed that at SSU, he and his team "met a lot of great team members on the Southwire staff that really care about the contractors needs and want to make the workplace a more productive and safe environment."

Jackson continues that "Westland Electric now incorporates a lot of Southwire's innovative products into our estimates. We know by incorporating products like SIMpull® Cable-In-Conduit into our estimates we are going to cut a tremendous amount of labor out of our bids and we are able to win more jobs."

"I would recommend electric contractors to call their local Southwire representative and schedule a training program at the SSU University," concluded Jackson. "Contractors will learn ways to cut labor out of your bottom line which will help you win more jobs."

To learn more about SSU and hear what other attendees have had to say about the experience, check out our new video here. For more information about SIMpull® Cable-In-Conduit, check out To contact Contractor Solutions and learn about the many proactive solutions they have for your next installation, please visit

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