Reaction vs Precaution: Rolling the SIMpull™ Reel With Russ King

Aug 28, 2017

Russ King, the Director of Contractor Solutions, lives by a tried and true formula: Safety + Productivity = Profitability.  He sees how the SIMpull™ Reel is making jobsites safer and more productive and is ultimately adding profit to contractors and distributors alike. 

The challenge for every jobsite is finding a balance between safety and efficiency. It is the mission of Contractor Solutions to optimize jobsite solutions and assist in overcoming potential barriers that can reduce safety, productivity, and profitability. One such optimization is the SIMpull™ Reel which allows one person to safely move a reel that weighs up to 6,000 lbs on flat level floors.

Rather than having to go through the tremendous amount of labor, equipment, tools, and physical effort needed to move, set up, and pay off feeder cable reels inside buildings or structures, the SIMpull™ Reel can be rolled right next to the feed point. It is significantly easier and safer to move and saves a lot of time by eliminating all the extra setup that is otherwise required.

Russ King has noticed that both contractors and distributors are loving the SIMpull™ Reel. He wrote in stating that "Contractors are spreading the good word to their distributors by demanding that they have the SIMpull™ Reel in stock. They're so impressed with how much easier it is to get the install going and how much they save in time, labor, and effort."

"The Southwire Contractor Solutions Team truly cares about what our Contractors care about: Safety," King continued. "While our goal is make installation of wire and cable faster and more efficient, our #1 priority is contractor safety. The SIMpull™ Reel is a huge safety tool for our contractors."

If you would like to see the SIMpull™ Reel in action, check out this video on youtube. To see what other safety emphasizing solutions that Contractor Solutions can assist you with, come see our landing page at

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