Procrastination vs Preparation: Laura Helms' Project Management Toolkit is a Key to Jobsite Success

Dec 26, 2017

Laura Helms is a member of the Project Construction Team, which handles project management for the Contractor Solutions Team. She was once brought into a large project that had encountered several complications and was creating undue stress on the customer. By implementing project management practices, the job became significantly more efficient. The number of days to fill each order was reduced by more than 60% once the right communication was taking place.

When the Project Construction Team is involved from the beginning of the phases of the job, the result is a flawlessly executed installation. On the other hand, a large project without the utilization of the team can be mass pandemonium.

Below are some tools that help us effectively manage our assigned projects.

  1. Bill of Materials and schedule for when material is expected

Working with Manufacturing & Logistics, we coordinate the arrival of material for when it is expected to arrive at the jobsite.

  1. Contractor’s contact list for key players

By having contact information for the appropriate people involved, we help to reduce the amount of time spent trying to get in touch with a person who may not be reachable, or may not be the correct person needed to address a certain issue.

  1. Conversely, the contractor has our contact information

With our combined 20+ years of experience with the company, we are effectively utilized as a single point of contact for the project. We can quickly answer questions, and we know who to contact to get responses to questions we may not be able to instantly answer.

  1. Timely communication on any changes

Changes are going to happen on jobs. That is inevitable. However, communicating these changes to the appropriate people in a timely manner is vital and failure to do so can negatively impact the job.

If you would like to consult with the Project Construction Team members at Contractor Solutions to assist you with your next installation, check out to get in contact with them.

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