Ordinary vs Extraordinary: Our Digital Solutions Are A Click Away

Sep 5, 2017

Contractor Solutions is more than our dynamic team of people. It is a comprehensive service which includes digital options to provide contractors with quick and effective solutions for a variety of jobsite complications. One digital solution that we offer is our YouTube playlist which hosts featured jobsites, testimonials, and how-to videos.

It was through our playlist that Paul Staten from Field Electric was able to make a difficult wire pull simple for one of their largest contractors and Southwire users in Cincinnati. Paul Staten wrote in with a testimonial which is posted below:

What really saved our behinds was when we pulled out the SIMpull THHN® Aluminum wire and realized we could not pull each conductor by hand because of the 6 - 90's and multiple 5 - 45's mixed into the already long 760' pull. We needed to pull out an additional 20' from the pull box in the ceiling and the ole half hitch would not hold to the SIMpull® jacket conductors. I immediately started thinking what to do???

Well after a few seconds, I briefly remembered the Stopper Knot video released about a year ago and thought I should go to YouTube Southwire Channel and searched for it. I typed into the search area "Southwire" and "Knot" and there it was! The customer Jason from Beacon Electric and I watched the video and boy did it save the night! With that resource he saw exactly what I was talking about while watching on my phone.

A few minutes later we had all the wire out that he needed to finish the job. Thanks for being a valuable resource to us guys in the field and thanks to Southwire for sharing great ideas on our Channel.

To see our Stopper Knot video, check it out here. If you would like to check out our entire suite of solutions, visit contractorsolutions.southwire.com.

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