OEM Products

Jan 8, 2013

What comes to mind when you think of the wire and cable industry? Transmission lines, overhead power lines, Romex®, and copper building wire? A large sector of the wire and cable industry revolves around utilities and residential construction. But what about other products, such as washing machines and ceiling fans? Ever thought about the wire that they contain?

Southwire’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) division supplies wire and cable, copper rod, aluminum rod, and supply chain solutions to manufacturing companies in a wide range of industries including solar power, wind power, automotive, telecommunications, HVAC, lighting, power distribution and control, home appliances, industrial equipment, and submersible water pumping equipment. For example, did you know that Southwire supplies the type of wire that is in your garage door opener? We also supply the type of wire that is in your electric toothbrush.

In fact, Southwire’s OEM products have dominate market share in the appliance market and electrical lighting industry. Even at concerts, Southwire’s products, in conjunction with entertainment harness manufacturers, help power the light shows. Southwire also produces electric car cables. Interesting, right?

From brake light wire to truck trailer harnesses to trolling motors on your fishing boat, Southwire’s products are always at work behind the scenes and in more places then you think.

- Donna Graham