New Product: Introducing QWIKjax™ Reel Stands

Oct 6, 2016

Southwire Tools and Equipment announces the launch of QWIKjax™ reel stands, a new product which helps increase efficiency and safety in transportation and set up and payoff of wire reels.

“Managing reels can be a difficult task on any jobsite, and traditional reel stands do little to ease the pain. Heavy screw-type reel stands are not only hard to get around, but, once in place, they rely on extra machinery or labor to prepare the reels for payoff,” said Tim Bardin, Southwire’s director of equipment. “Southwire has historically led with innovation in this category with the release of the MaxisJax™ reel stands and PRO-JAX™ reel stands. With the introduction of the QWIKjax™ reel stands, Southwire brings another unique reel-lifting solution.”

When using traditional reel stands, transportation of the tool can be cumbersome and can require a significant amount of effort to get the tool from the truck to the pull site. The QWIKjax™ reel stands feature a collapsible design, which can be picked up and carried from pull site to pull site with minimal effort.

Once in place, the QWIKjax™ reel stands use a purpose-built gear and cradle system, ensuring the stands can be quickly adjusted to axle height and, then, lift wire reels to 72 inches tall. The stands can also be adjusted easily for uneven surfaces, allowing for use in virtually any environment.

QWIKjax™ reel stands can lift up to 6,000 pounds when used as a set and can help reduce the dangers of conventional reel stands by nearly eliminating the need to manually lift reels from the ground. The stands feature axle safety catch hooks, ensuring that the reel will not fall off jack stands and wide steel rollers for easy wire payoff.

“Southwire has a long history of designing, manufacturing and distributing a wide range of tools and equipment, made with the electrician in mind,” said Bardin. “Southwire now extends our legacy with the QWIKjax™ lightweight, collapsible reel stand, setting jobsite crews up for safety and productivity.”