MC-PCS Duo™ Cable: A UL and NEC Compliant Solution

Nov 23, 2015

The new MC-PCS Duo™ Cable is ideal for use with LED or fluorescent dimming controls and SMART buildings. It combines power conductors along with control and signal cables under one armor. This combination can save time and money on the jobsite by helping reduce installation costs. MC-PCS Duo™ Cable also help decrease the likelihood of damage and eliminate callbacks and repairs. This cable is an innovative solution to UL and NEC code additions.

Southwire’s MC-PCS Duo™ Cable is UL listed.

A recent addition to UL 1569 Standard for Metal-Clad Cables defines the requirements for constructing a Type MC-PCS cable that contains both power and/or lighting conductors as well as control and/or signal conductors.  The standard now states that the control and/or signal cables shall be enclosed in a 75°C rated jacket that complies with the same thickness requirements as Type NM Nonmetallic-Sheathed cable.  In addition, all conductors in the assembly must be 600V rated.

Check the Code!

NEC 725.136(I)(1) does not require Class 1 power and lighting conductors to be separated by distance from Class 2 and/or Class 3 circuit conductors if these Class 2 and Class 3 circuit conductors are in a non-metallic-sheathed cable.  Furthermore, NEC 725.136(I)(2) allows Class 1 power and lighting circuit conductors to be separated from Class 2 and/or Class 3 circuit conductors by a continuous flexible tubing, in addition to the insulation on the conductors.  The non-metallic jacket covering the 16 AWG TFN conductor assembly constitutes this continuous flexible tubing.

MC-PCS Duo™ Cable Applications

MC-PCS Duo™ Power and Control/Signal Cable is suitable for a variety of uses. The following applications are great for our new LED cable:

  • Circuits for branch power distribution in commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-residential buildings
  • Power, lighting, control, and signal circuits
  • Finished or embedded in plaster
  • Concealed or exposed installations
  • Environmental air-handling spaces per NEC 300.22(C)
  • Places of Assembly per NEC 518.4 and theaters per NEC 520.5
  • Installation in cable tray and approved raceways
  • Under raised floors for information technology equipment conductors and cables per NEC 645.5(D) and 645.5(D)(2)
  • Class I Div.2. Class II Div. 2, and Class III Div. 1 hazardous locations

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